Pure Fire Yoga Retreat

9th - 12th August 2019, Cougal Nsw


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Under the banner of tapas - that which purifies by fire - are three of the most important aspects of each and every person's yoga journey: asana, pranayama and speech. These three tools allow us to take the apana - the unwanted debris in the body - and not only place that debris in the internal fire but simultaneously purify the fire itself, enabling it to remain capable of digesting and discerning all of life's experiences.

This retreat is a celebration of fire - the only element that turns everything into itself. It is a celebration of the fire element within us, of the tools that clean by fire, the role of fire for ceremony, the role it has played in the nourishment of our food, it's capacity for complete transformation.

Across three beautiful days we will explore asana - the physical movement of yoga, pranayama - cutting off the unconscious breath focusing it with complete commitment as well as speech - one of the most powerful and most forgotten tools of yoga, all through the context of tapas - the fire. With ceremony and knowledge sharing by local elders, ayurvedic fire ritual agni hotra, followed each day with asana, pranayama, meditation focused on the jyoti - the inner unflickering, sorrowless flame, beautiful ayurvedic food, connecting with nature, important time for reflection and deep connection with the slow burn - the goal of being warm, strong, enduring, loving human beings who can manage life's sufferings through all of these tools, with the fortitude to warm and illuminate others.

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Costs per person:

Bunk: Make new besties in the dorm room and throw back to being 8years old again with bunk beds - $620
Twin: share with someone you don't mind snuggling with, make sure you pack your warm socks, no-one likes cold feet in bed - $760
Solo: Starfish the night away, sleep in your birthday suit, do whatever you please in your own solo room - $850

All prices include: All delicious ayurvedic meals, all teaching and retreat components inclusive of ceremony, philosophy workshops, agni hotra ayurvedic fire ritual, morning and evening asana/pranayama classes, dharana practice and sutra study, workshop Communicating with Courage, linen and retreat centre facilities

Bookings and inquiries: info@theyogashack.com.au

Atha Yoga Retreat

1st - 8th September 2019, Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Nusa Lembongan, Bali

In the context of the yoga sutra, ‘atha’ (pron: ar-ta) is a most auspicious word. It is the very first word of the yoga sutra (the most definitive text on yoga readily available to us) meaning ‘NOW’. NOW I am ready. With my whole being, I am ready, with unwavering commitment, to begin the path of yoga. Physical Movement, breath technique, meditation, the unabashed self-reflection that unfolds and the burning commitment to end suffering.

Join un on this most wonderful adventure of workshops, philosophy, language-learning, cooking class, manta ray adventure, snorkelling on the magnificent reef of the Coral Triangle, connecting with ourselves and with others as we break down the obstacles that hold us back from progression.

In September 2019, Lissie & Shane Turner will be returning to their sister Shack on the gorgeous island of Nusa Lembongan, Bali, where they will be diving deep into the infinite framework of Yoga for a mighty journey within; seeing what can be let go of, tossing it into the flames and radiating anew. Lissie and Shane have many years experience running retreats within this framework, each retreat refined, sophisticated and evolved a little more learned from the one before. This is a time of commitment and surrender, of willingness to be part of a group energy, to hold up the group as the group holds us up as individuals, to re-write patterns that bring about suffering and turn them into patterns that propagate joy. A beautiful balance between practice together and time for self, of study and self-inquiry, along with adventure and geographical exploration. No strangers to holding space, Shane and Lissie are wholly committed to supporting you on your journey to your fullest potential and ask in return for a trust to fall into their experienced hearts and hands. 

Meditation, philosophy, connection, courage, conscious living, daily asana and pranayama classes, love, illumination, recognition, transformation and healing - join us and see the life that you want to lead and the person that you want to be within it.



Lissie and Shane love LOVE Nusa Lembongan. It is their spiritual home, a place they have spent much time, somewhere to be treasured and adored. A place that needs our care and utmost respect; somewhere that puts everything back into perspective on a cultural platform of spirituality non-existent in the West.

Floating peacefully 30 minutes off the East Coast of Bali, Lembongan - where surfers, yogis and divers have been blessed enough to have stumbled upon this environmental treasure. With three world class surfbreaks right out the front of the main village of Jungut Batu and marine conservation status, Lembongan offers some of the richest ocean experiences anywhere in the world.  Behind Nusa Lembongan is the tiny sister island of Nusa Cenigan, an amazing explore on a moped across the suspension bridge to stunning rugged coastline, cliff jumps and a fresh coconut or two. Beyond, the vastness of Nusa Penida, a short boat trip away to some of the most spectacular dive spots in the Coral Triangle.


There are no shortage of drivers or taxis at the ready upon arrival at Denpasar Airport. Most taxis are metered and you should expect to pay around 200 000 rp ($20) to the coastal harbour town of Sanur. From Sanur, jump aboard your pre-booked fast boast and in half an hour you’ll be high fiving us on the sands of Jungut Batu Village!

We highly recommend pre-booking your fast cruise from Serengan to Lembongon through Rocky Fast Cruise. There are many boat companies operating this route but as the industry is not regulated, safety standards with smaller operators are not always as comforting as desired. Plus if you book with Rocky they'll pick you up from the airport or your hotel, included in the price of your ticket.

The Yoga SHack, Nusa Lembongan


Includes 8 nights accommodation, 7 days of retreat incorporating daily asana and pranayama classes, daily meditation, philosophy discussion classes, workshops on communication as a tool of self-evolution, a trip out to witness the grace of the Mantas, a Bahasa Basics language lesson, traditional Indonesian cooking class, marine awareness evenings and opportunities to assist in supporting Nusa Lembongan’s commitment to clean land, clean ocean PLUS two delicious meals per day.

BASIC: $1300 This accommodation is part of Secret Garden Bungalows which is home to The Yoga Shack itself, so you can enjoy the convenience of being just steps away from your yoga shala. Secret Garden Bungalows provide basic comfortable huts, with cool outdoor showers, standing fans and plenty of garden space in which to rest and restore.

COMFORT: $1500 The accommodation in this package is located a short walk from The Yoga Shack, featuring deluxe rooms with a/c and warm showers.

Not included in the price: airfare, airport transfers, boat transfers, extra food and drinks, motorbike/bicycle hire, day trips.


Please click the button below and fill in the form to express your interest in joining us on this retreat or seek further information. A deposit of $300 is due within one month of lodging your booking. We hope you understand that this deposit is non-refundable. The outstanding balance is due 60 days before the start of retreat date and is also non-refundable. If however, under special circumstances, you have already paid the full amount before the 60 days prior and a cancellation becomes necessary, a 30% refund of the full retreat price, may be considered. After that time, the deposit remains fully non-refundable. If you require a payment plan of the remaining balance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Lack of spare pennies, should never mean a lack of purposeful and wonderful experience.

Nusa Lembongan Retreat
Nusa Lembongan