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Sharing space - birthing

Wednesday 1st May
9:30 - 11:00 am

A wonderful time for women to come and gather and share their own personal experiences and insights into particular phases or events in our lives as women. On the 1st of May we’re going to be chatting all things birthing - and we want you to come along to laugh, to cry, to celebrate, to toast a cup of chai to the amazingness of you and your baby on making this phenomenal journey. This is not a workshop, this is simply a coming together of women and bubs in a nourishing, supportive way in a beautiful and easy space. If you’d like to come along - do drop us an email so we know how much tea to make x

COST $10

Lissie & Shane

Yoga in the context of life: Ahimsa + PRANAYAMA WORKSHOP

SUNDAY 5th May
2:00 - 5:00PM

YOGA IN THE CONTEXT OF LIFE is an ongoing series to extend the knowledge of yoga out beyond the tools themselves, to bring the sanga (community) together in a greater role of support and socialisation and to deepen our understanding of all elements of yoga. Each event we will examine a different topic and then look at it in the context of life! We’ll look at obstacles, real life examples, share stories and inquiries, all from the basis of the texts of yoga.

In this upcoming event we will be looking at the concept of ahimsa (non-harm) and how we perhaps might apply it in our daily lives, how it relates to ourselves and to others. We welcome real life examples to discuss through the context of the yoga sutra in this interactive time to chat, catch up, to look deeper and become enthusiastic about implementation. We welcome all students of yoga, as well as teachers who wish to connect in this way with others as well as to share their own understandings of the sutras. This is a gathering of precious people in an enriching and purposeful way.

COST: $30

Including: Chai

This event will also feature a one hour pranayama workshop to explore and experience again some of the fundamentals of yoga breathing, how it relates to the body as well as to the mind. This is our last weekend before heading off on Retreat from the 8th to the 23rd of May during which time The Yoga Shack will run only weekend classes.


Gwyn Williams - The art of focused intention

May 24th
4:00 - 6:00PM

So happy to have Gwyn Williams come and spend some time at The Yoga Shack in May! Gwyn will be offering a class 'Embodying the practice of Zenthai: the Art of Focused Intention'. A playful and seamless flow through yoga, movement and connection. Limited space so jump on board asap if interested.

COST $25

Places are strictly limited.


fellas know your ladies

May 26th
1:00 - 3:00PM

For many women knowledge of the menstrual cycle to any great depth, is only a new experience with so much of this knowledge suppressed by shame and negativity. As women become more aware, it becomes increasingly important that men also understand the fundamentals, to prevent a great divide in expectation and understanding. For Dad's with daughters and men with female partners - to embrace this basic knowledge of the fluctuations of the female physiology is a commitment to increased household peace and well-being; to be that outside observer who can pay attention to where the cycles are at for those times when the women in their lives are too deep within it; not just to provide a loving reminder of where their ladies might be in their own moon calendar but to have their own awareness, to step in when the energy is waning, to sidestep in the luteal phase and be the active support required during the phases of creativity. There are many men completely and understandably unaware of these distinct rhythms, at the detriment to the relationships with the females in the their lives. So to change that, we present 'FELLAS, KNOW YOUR LADIES'' facilitated by Tahlia and Lissie, along with Shane Turner, yoga teacher, Zen Thai shiatsu massage therapist and trainer, and all round man guy. Fellas, it's time to joyfully ride these incredible waves together. Men are invited to come alone or with their partners.

COST $25


Living hormoniously 4-week course

June 9th - June 30th
2:00 - 5:00PM

A Four-Week Guide to Embracing Your Body’s Natural Rhythm
With Holistic Nutritionist, Tahlia Mynott & Yoga Therapist, Lissie Turner.

'I so loved this course....what an absolutely essential aspect of womens lives that has been largely forgotten by us all....thank you for enlightening us so we can be the change.' Sarah.

How much do you really know about your cycle? How aware are you of each of the 4 dances of your reproductive system? When is the best time to spread your social wings or for implementing new ideas? Of much needed conversation within your relationships or for bunkering down in quiet reflection?
In each of the 4 phases of our moon cycle, lurks not just the energy that requires respect but also individual gifts that if stepped into rhythm with, can vastly assist and enrich our lives as a whole. This is not just about figuring out how to cope with the seemingly constant shifts and changes within our own personalities, born from the changes in our cycles, this is about embracing, riding with them in the direction that is required, so at all moments you are in the fullness of your dance as a woman. No contradiction. No confusion. No apologies.
Join us for this gorgeous four week course that looks at what foods when, how best to move our bodies during which phases, the role of the breath in assisting equanimity of mood and sensation, understanding cycle for fertility awareness (to fall, or not to fall, pregnant), when we are at our most creative, most abundant and most reclusive, when it’s time to talk and when it’s time to reflect. As women, one of the hardest questions that we face on a monthly basis is - what is me and what is my hormones?
Allow yourself to become completely empowered by knowledge, strong in who you are; let go of any notion of the ‘curse’ of being a woman and instead blossom from this foundation upward.
Rich and relevant for all menstruating women of any age.

Four x 3hr sessions includes (relevant to each phase): food advice (and healthy snacks!) breathing techniques, movement, physiology, exploration of common issues and ailments, deep connection with other community girls and women plus so much more.

'A gorgeous afternoon of women learning together over tea and treats, in a beautiful treehouse location.'

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Next course TBA $450


Announcing our 2019 Level 1 Zenthai Shiatsu training at The Yoga Shack. Join the almighty Shane and his experienced, handsome comrade Dingo in this 4 day offering of ancient knowledge through a joyful integration of bodywork principles, tools and techniques of traditional Thai Massage, Shiatsu and Osteopathy. A deep conversation spanning 4 decades by our great teacher Gwyn Williams brings to floor this powerful, respectful fluid dance that is Zenthai Shiatsu.

This 4-Day Training will give you knowledge of one complete sequence to take away with you and share with existing clients or allow you the skills to begin this wonderful journey of bodywork. Certifications provided to all students with successful completion.

Taking place March 7 to 10. Cost: $450. Teachers: super excited and inspired!

Places limited.

COST $450

Places are strictly limited.

I lost ten kilos, left my home of six years, moved to Queensland to be with my grandchildren...and for the first time in my adult life (I’m 56) I am living on my own, and loving it...those 21 days will keep rippling out of my life like a precious jewel thrown into a still pond.
— N.A.
It was amazing to see people at all levels of their yoga journey, coming together as one unified group with the same aim of trying to make their lives and the lives of those around them better and more meaningful. I didn’t have any specific goals going into the program, but now as I reflect a few months later, I realise that I am no longer binge eating, which was one of my most destructive and long term patterns, which now, as it seems, has in fact dissolved from my life.
— R.R.

dissolving patterns

Next course will commence October, Dates TBA
6.00AM – 7.30AM

In October 2019 we are going to be running the next potent 21 day course at The Yoga Shack to dissolve patterns that are bringing about suffering, finding freedom from the things that expend our energy in the wrong directions. 21 days of yoga therapy to dismantle negative patterns at the three levels: physical, physiological and psychological. The daily commitment is very small - 1.5 hrs per day for 21 days. The program includes an initial 1.5 hour one-to-one consult, 1 hour and 15 minutes of daily practice of yoga asana (physical movement) and breath work specific to breaking negative patterns at all levels of the constitution, plus the introduction each day of a topic to begin to identify, embrace, accept and progress. Each day you will receive further wisdom to your inbox to explore and are encouraged to initiate into your own daily routines. Whilst there will be a large focus at the body level to the effects of drugs, alcohol and toxic dietary patterns the program is designed to target ANY form of existing negative pattern; targeting the dissolution of any intake or behaviour that has become an addiction ie something that induces stress at the thought of living without but living with, only cultivates more suffering.

With the support of a group but the privacy of individual self-inquiry, through 21 days of Dissolving Patterns, we’re going to have a good look at the patterns that hold us in grooves that continuously produce the same results of suffering again and again and again. Together as well as individually we will build the courage to acknowledge what’s really there, accept and in doing so, be liberated from those weaknesses as we do the work to move out of them.

Working on the three levels of physical (body), physiological (breath) and psychological (mind) utilising the tools of yoga in a specific and at times individualised way, we’ll build the fortitude to make different choices and the clarity to see the right choices.

Each student will receive their own specific practice prescribed for their own individual needs, this practice will be explored at home in the days leading into the 21 day program, as well as on our home practice days – which will be two days of every seven. The other 5 days will be spent here, together in group practice – learning the breath techniques that will, with time and practice, progress you to a place of strong self-governance; in physical practice – to comfortably explore the full potential of your own amazing body; and in study – of the philosophies that enable us to understand ‘what is mind’. With this knowledge, with our ability to see what is the behaviour of mind, we can start to see with something much deeper. It is this something deeper, that we will begin to give vision to once again. Each day, small tasks will be given, designed to be undertaken through the course of your daily life – gratitude practices, breath exercises, observations of harmless patterns, reflection exercises, implementations of movement and many more.

The course will commence at 6:00 am each weekday, when we will be together at The Yoga Shack for just a short 1.5hrs and each weekend day will be your day of self-determination in your home environment – days where you will explore the practice that you’ve be given and begin to implement these tools in your daily life.

A deposit of $65 is required to secure your place as numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 participants only, this is to ensure maximum attention to the needs of you as an individual. You are of course very welcome to pay the whole amount up front to reaffirm your commitment to the changes you are determining to make, or you can finalise the balance by February 16th at the latest. Once full balance is paid, we will make a time for your individual consult – the sooner you have paid in full, the sooner you can begin to explore your specific practice at home.

We know deeply the capacity of the human spirit for immense change and we have the deepest determination right there with you.

If you have any queries or concerns, no matter how big or small – PLEASE have no hesitation, just write and we will respond.

COST $425

Places are strictly limited.

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Fundamentals of Yoga

Next Dates TBA
6.00AM – 7.30AM

The Fundamentals Program is a soft but thorough beginning into the infinite project of Yoga - physical postures, the role of the breath and it's purpose for the mind. 

It is also aimed at filling some of the gaps for those with an established practice who have perhaps felt pieces of this simple but complete puzzle, are missing in their understanding or experience with yoga.

COST $80

Places are strictly limited.