Focused on intelligently moving all joints in all directions, relevant to goal postures. Opportunity to explore and play with some of the bigger asana, on a platform of good breathing.

Garbha I

Pre-Natal yoga for women in their first trimester as well as for those who are trying to fall pregnant. The focus of this practice is to propagate good breathing practices, so as baby expands restricting expansion of Mamma's lungs, breathing will already be of high quality and well-practiced for giving birth. It is about ensuring good flow of prana around the entire body, particularly to the newly formed zygote and aiding in the 'rooting down' process of the embryo into the endometrium.


A slower moving practice that spends more time in individual postures, allowing room for bhavana (visualisation) and deeper focus to breathing. Opening up longer windows to move from dharana (meditation) to dhyana (deeper).

Active Relaxation

With a deep commitment to relaxation through soft, graceful dynamic movement on a foundation of high quality breathing, the focus of this practice is to detoxify from the day and set in place the groundwork for high quality sleep. This class is suitable for all levels – particularly good for those who suffer insomnia or are carrying injuries - and is considered one of the most important on the timetable as part of the yoga journey. Including breathing techniques, intelligent sequencing of movement, mantra and bhavana, this is a feast of delight for the inner universe.

Surya Vinyasa

A heart-opening, space-creating, good morning salute to the vitality and strength that exists within. When we practice first thing in the morning we are making a choice to be our fullest selves for the world; we create the best possible platform for the clearest choices, actions and responses that are the least likely to propogate suffering. This is the yoga way.


A class of connection, balance, unity and the whole - the only class that Lissie and Shane teach together, bringing more than 40 years of combined practice and knowledge into the Shack with them. A beautiful dance of two energies on a foundation of high quality breathing. This class is not to be missed.

Hatha Relax

In a similar vein to Vinyasa but with the right honouring to rhythms of the body and of the world that an evening practice should have. Similar intention to 'Active Relaxation' but stronger.

Zen Thai Flow

Body movement born from the elements and a deep understanding of TCM. All movements are born from the vehicle of good breathing in the tradition of Krishnamacharya but the modifications and intentions are channeled through the wisdom of Zen Thai and the Chinese elemental system of understanding. A gorgeous flowing practice to bring you into harmony with the world around you.

Prana Flow

A slower moving vinayasa class, where the breath carries every movement. Range of asana is the full spectrum from gentle to strong depending on who is in the class but the focus is to never move outside the comfortable range of breathing. The breath is examined in every posture and the atmosphere is one of relaxing enjoyably into whatever movement is available. An excellent class to become more familiar with the breathing technique that forms the foundation of every class at The Yoga Shack and how it relates to the progression of our individual practice.