We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Bundjalung land upon which we live and work. We pay respect to their Elders, both past and present.

The Yoga Shack is home to an immense love and passion for yoga, land and environment, we aim to maintain equal respect for all human beings as manifestations from the same source. Yoga here is a tool for healing as well as for building on existing strengths, to enable the individual to be at their fullest potential. At The Yoga Shack everyone is embraced. Each and every student valued for their own journey, personal experience, their heart, creativity, smiles and energy. The physical practice of yoga is carried on the deeply established foundation of high quality breathing and at all times students are encouraged to explore comfort and steadiness. There's a strong and respectful sense of community within The Yoga Shack sanga, this is not just about breathing, bending and stretching this about belonging; a sacred space to drop deep, to release, to receive, to transform and to be free.




Yoga Therapy
with Lissie

Yoga Therapy prescribes specific practices to individuals, based on present problems. It is a pro-active, complementary modality that puts health and wellbeing back in the hands of the individual by utilising the tools of yoga - body movement, breath techniques, sound and visualisations specifically tailored for each student - supporting the endocrine system to self-analyse, adapt, flow and bloom as it should.

Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage
with Shane

With 15-years of study and practice in bodywork: acupuncture, shiatsu, feng shui, zen thai shiatsu as well as his role as a highly studied, lauded and loved yoga teacher, Shane’s massage technique and his beautiful disposition forms a remarkable way of moving prana whilst facilitating a deep state of relaxation.

Having completed his foundational Zen Thai Shiatsu studies with the acclaimed and joyous Gwynn Williams, Shane is also a level one Zen Thai Shiatsu trainer, holding 4 day Level I trainings in the glorious setting of The Yoga Shack.

Classes - General and Private
With Shane and Lissie

General classes are available to anyone in a good state of overall health. If this applies to your current physical and physiological situation, then general classes are an excellent way to deepen your knowledge of yoga for your home practice, as well as to form vital and rich connections with other people in this wonderfully supportive community. If you are currently experiencing an injury or an illness, we request that you see Lissie for Cikitsa practice (yoga therapy) in order to individualise your practice, using the tools of yoga to come out of problems.

Private classes are available for individuals or for groups - having a hen’s party here in the Byron Shire? Then a class for the bride-to-be and all her hens is the most wonderful way to prepare for such an important commitment.


Virya Mantra Retreat

10th – 18th May 2019 – Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Physical Movement, breath technique, meditation, workshops, philosophy, language-learning, cooking class, manta ray adventure and snorkelling on the magnificent reef of the Coral Triangle


Upcoming PROGRAMS & Retreats


Dissolving Patterns
21st February – 13th March 2019
6.00am – 7.30am

An extensive and deeply supportive 21-day program, to dismantle patterns at their seed. For any students, at any level, to dissolve any negative habits that propagate suffering; for example: relationships, food, drugs, alcohol. The only requirement is that there is a strong fire of determination and a readiness to come away from the old and into the new. 

Living Hormoniously – One-day Women’s Retreat
Tuesday 26th February 2019
9.00am – 3.00pm

Join Lissie Turner (Yoga Therapist) and Tahlia Mynott (Holistic Nutritionist) for this celebration and exploration of the ever-changing and life-long journey of our hormones; from the exuberance of puberty to the time of the wise-woman of menopause and everything inbetween. Utilising this framework, we'll move through practices of yoga, focused breathwork, bodywork, sharing circles, nutrition and tools of deep relaxation.

Zen Thai Shiatsu Level I Training
7th - 10th March 2019

Join Shane and Dingo in this 4 day offering of ancient knowledge through a joyful integration of bodywork principles, tools and techniques of traditional Thai Massage, Shiatsu and Osteopathy. A deep conversation spanning 4 decades by our great teacher Gwyn Williams brings to floor this powerful, respectful fluid dance that is Zenthai Shiatsu. Taking place March 7 to 10. Cost: $450. Teachers: super excited and inspired! Places limited. 

Fundamentals of Yoga
18th, 19th, 21st & 22nd March 2019
6.00am – 7.30am

The Fundamentals Program is a soft but thorough beginning into the infinite project of Yoga - physical postures, the role of the breath and it's purpose for the mind.

It is also aimed at filling some of the gaps for those with an established practice who have perhaps felt pieces of this simple but complete puzzle, are missing in their understanding or experience with yoga.

Shacked – Yoga for Surfers
Next TBC

As random and as unpredictable as the swell itself, these workshops for surfers rise with the offshore winds! Focusing on the physical component of the body required for strength and endurance in the water, as well as flexibility for graceful and efficient top to bottom turning. These workshops also take in the all important mental focus required to ride the waves that are at the edge of our fullest potential, enabling a peaceful, respectful and connected experience with Sister Sea.

Yoga Shack Kids
Next TBC

Offered during school holiday periods, these workshops are a super fun introduction to the concept of yoga as a means to keep our bodies healthy, for celebration of ourselves as unique individuals and acceptance of the ever-moving stream of life-experiences. These workshops remind children of what is already within; courage, kindness, FUN and creativity.


Living Hormoniously

Women’s Workshops, Retreats, Sharing Circles